Vol.06 – Certified by the world’s best Chefs and Sommeliers! The Alley has won the world’s most prestigious iTQi award.

Vol.06 – Certified by the world’s best Chefs and Sommeliers! The Alley has won the world’s most prestigious iTQi award.

Great news!

The Alley has received the 2021 Superior Taste Award for the first time Standing out from over 2,000 food and drinks around the globe, Affirmed by the world’s most prestigious food award!



The Superior Taste Award is organized by the International Taste Institute (iTQi),one of the most influential evaluators in the global food industry.

Known as the “Michelin of the food industry”, iTQi is known for its professional and critical evaluation style.

The jury panel, known as the “world’s leading taste-experts”, is composed of the best Chefs and Sommeliers from the top European culinary associations.
Products are evaluated using a blind sensory analysis, based on five criteria: first impression, vision, olfaction, taste, and final sensation.
Only products that meet or exceed the standard will have the chance of receiving the award.

(The source of the video: International Taste Institute - ITQI -YouTube)

This time, The Alley received awards for two drinks: White Peach Oolong and Royal No.9 Canned Milk Tea.
Both drinks received 2 stars and honoured as “Remarkable”, proving that our products are exceptional in the tea market and winning the hearts of hundreds of top European chefs.

Taiwanese tea is popular around the globe.
Many chefs must have had tried many great cups of tea, but to win the taste of the top chefs is not easy.

The key to achieving the award is The Alley’s particular taste for tea.

For years, we have used only the highest quality ingredients, from the picking and roasting of the tea leaves to the preparation of our food and drinks.

Handpicked, lightly fermented oolong tea from Taiwan with a unique white peach aroma that captured the jury’s taste.

Aside from the fresh fragrance of the tea, the aroma of the white peach paired with the oolong tea adds a fruity and refreshing flavour to radically change the public’s impression of oolong tea.
The taste is rich, smooth, and refreshing, and the light taste of the white peach will quench your thirst.
Adhering to highest standard of freshly brewed tea is the only way to conquer the hearts of the top chefs.


You may be wondering: why does The Alley make canned milk tea?

In our efforts to create products that better everyday life, we also recognize the importance of communicating with consumers.
For those who want to drink it anytime, anywhere, 
The Alley’s Royal No. 9 Canned Milk Tea allows you to drink it no matter where you are.


The tea base is Sri Lankan black tea, which is carefully handpicked and roasted to create the golden ratio of milk tea and a hint of blueberry.
Numerous rounds of research and revisions were conducted to preserve the original flavour and achieve the richest taste.
This is the secret to captivating the audience.



We believe that drinking a good cup of tea leaves you feeling good. The quality, texture, taste, inspiration, happiness, and ritual – all to change your life a little for the better.

These are The Alley’s winning qualities to receive the Superior Taste Award.


In recent years, as a result of an increase in health awareness, 
consumers have increasingly strict requirements on the origin of ingredients, the freshness and aroma of the tea, and the taste of the tea leaves.

The Alley is committed to putting our best efforts towards the selection of ingredients, packaging, and rigorous research and development to ensure that the tea is rich and smooth to taste.

There are many steps towards our research and development. In addition to internal testing, there are also certifications from prestigious institutions, all for a good cup of tea.

The Alley is dedicated to creating a better life.
With this newly awarded Superior Taste Award, we can continue to create good tea for the world! It’s time for tea!

Looking for what’s “CHILL” and “HIGH”?
Drinking tea is the most “IN”!
This summer, let THE ALLEY quench your thirst,
in VOL. 7 of THE ALLEY Magazine.

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