Vol.01 – Let’s talk about The Alley.

Vol.01 – Let’s talk about The Alley.

The Alley was founded in 2013 on a street corner of Taoyuan city. The store was designed with a light industrial concept. With a rustic brick wall, dark ambiance, and iconic deer image — the store pops out from traditional design.

The brand founder
Mr. Chiu, Maoting

A versatile designer, enjoys drinking milk tea to relieve work pressure. He has passion for glamorous things and attention to details. With the expertise from his team, they combine design, aesthetics, creativity and lifestyle into creating beverages. The founder envisioned a prestige destination that brings people together to connect, to inspire conversations, and to collaborate and share ideas.

Why we named it “The Alley”

 The deer is a mystical animal, sophisticated yet mighty and solemn.
To showcase the brand’s unique position, the deer logo was hand sketched to display its intelligence and elegance.

In the past 3000 days, The Alley has expanded to over 65 cities.
Each store shares this iconic deer image to greet the customers every day, making it a symbolic figure of The Alley.

The Alley Value

The Alley is parallel with aesthetic excellence in beverage creations and visual concepts.
The Alley offers sensational experiences through quality lifestyle merchandise, delectable foods and beverage innovations that not only appease taste buds but also delight the visual senses.
More than tea, The Alley illuminates on a whole new appreciation of quality living.

Vision and advantages of
The Alley

 Thinking outside the box of traditional handcraft beverages, The Alley sets to create beverages with aesthetic excellence and premium quality.

Cane sugar syrup is made fresh every day. We boil unprocessed cane sugar to retain the most original flavour – a delicate balance of sweetness only found in The Alley drinks.

Tapioca slow cooked with traditional black sugar, each one is soft and chewy, with a perfectly balanced sweetness. The tapioca texture is distinct and the aromatic brown sugar leaves a long-lasting joy on the tip of your tongue.

From handpicking to roasting premium tea leaves with other meticulously selected ingredients, The Alley guarantees the perfectly balanced infusion and multiple layers of flavours.


Every cup of beverage holds a story.
Fascinating imagination is our unique way to name each drink.

Tapioca, we named it Deerioca
Cream cheese foam, we named it Snow velvet
Appreciate the beauty of the northern lights, we have that moment bottled for you.


The refreshing taste of sweet brown sugar along with its chewy texture is found in The Alley’s new collection that will definitely satisfy all your needs.
Looking for brown sugar to charm your taste buds?
Read Vol.2 of our “Brown Sugar QQ Green Milk Tea”

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