Vol.00 – Let’s talk about The Alley Mag.

Vol.00 – Let’s talk about The Alley Mag.

The Alley Mag.

Is an online magazine that combines lifestyle aesthetics with fashion trends.
We are on a mission to convey living concepts,like antlers,extend outwards and lead readers to explore multiple aspects together through The Alley Mag.

Through reading The Alley Mag, you will get a more in depth understanding of The Alley values.
The tea beverage brand leading a new era of tea aesthetics.
We will share with you the stories of entrepreneurial challenges, original aspiration of the brand, and the milestones that mark our new chapters.

Through The Alley Mag, you will see how we integrate design into our daily life, and you will experience the aesthetics from all The Alley stores around the world.
From a single straw to a landmark flagship store, everything reflects our philosophy: design and aesthetics are in our veins.

The Alley Mag will guide you on a virtual world tour, we stop at Tokyo, Seoul, London, Paris, Berlin, Bangkok and other traveling hot spots in the world.
Every store we visit presents the most innovative store concepts, the most fashionable merchandise design, and the most unique seasonal drinks.
You now can receive the most updated information around the world without going abroad, just through The Alley Mag.



The Alley was founded in 2013.
How did we start the new era of tea beverages and have over 400 stores worldwide in less than 10 years?

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